I first fell in love with dance music as an under aged club-goer at the Ice Palace and The Monster in Cherry Grove in the late seventies heyday of disco and I followed the beats into the NYC scene… Studio 54, Xenon and other classic clubs in NYC. I began apprenticing with the original turntable stars of the era and by the mid-eighties I was spinning on my own, at venues throughout NYC. I built my reputation as a top NYC DJ through the nineties at many clubs, expanding to The Hamptons (The Swamp, Star Room, Resort, M80, Etc…) and playing major events like NYC Pride on The Pier, Hamptons Tea Dances and other prestigious events for an upscale clientele. So, I began to develop an exclusive client list for private events and functions nationwide and whether it’s NYC, Fire Island, The Hamptons, Miami, Washington DC, I have an innate ability to feel the crowd and move them at the core. I have been at the vanguard of virtually every dance music trend since the genre’s inception and I continue to evolve along with it, passionately exploring its endless possibilities….


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